Monday, December 22, 2014

The Kitchen Magicians

Before we get our xmas cookie fantasy on, let's take a look and pay homage to the people that make the magic in the kitchen happen! Maybe the ladies featured in the pix below actually are the definition of your "Xxxmas Cookie Fantasies", all dressed up and $20 hairdos and spick 'n span counter tops and oh god get that poodle out of there!! Anyway, these images are from 5 different Electric Company Christmas Cooky Books published in the 60's, or 50's... or early 70's (none of them seem to be dated.) And before anyone else is further confused, I don't mean "The Electric Company" kids tv show, I mean The Electric Company Power Company, Reddy Kilowatt etc...

Saturday, December 20, 2014


At this time of year a common bond seems to unite people everywhere-- especially children. In every land, holiday customs are different but all of them contain a special sort of warmth and fellowship that draws family and friends closer together. And that special sort of something is mutha f#ckin' cookies. Cute photography from The Electric Company Christmas Cooky Book (60's / 70's.)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Power Girdle vs. Sauna Suit

Sunset House '69 is ready to size you up this xmas by posing this simple question: Strangle your body in the kung-fu death grip vice of The Power Girdle? Or slowly sweat it off in the baggy, astronaut confinement of the The Sauna Suit? Or both? Or neither! With all the holiday cakes and pies and cookies and candies this season-- the choice is, or isn't, yours!

Choose, or don't choose, today!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Au-Go-Go Xmas!

We had some love expressed for BIG HAIR in our last post, and our groovy go-go age Sunset House '69 catalog has us covered there as well with no-tease bouffant hair lift accessories and frisky "fall" attachments. Give your hair height this holiday season, cuz the higher the hair-- the more presents you get! You didn't know that??? TIP: why stick only one plastic mesh hair former on your head, try a dozen or two and really reach for the stars! And LONG is good too, try adding 18 inches of super swingin' glamour-- frame that feline face with super lustrous Dynel! (It's probably not flammable.) And keep things EXTRA lavish with super cute Furry Boot Cuff Toppers, they'll look great and compliment your smooth, bare legs under that merry little mini skirt! Yes, this xmas you're the PERFECT purrin' package that all the boys can't wait to open!

Go! Go! Go!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Super Poster!

Another great Sunset House '69 mail order catalog xmas gift suggestion: SUPER POSTER! Why merely look at the family, (or anything for that matter), in regular old boring realistic 3 dimensions, when you could have a flat, life-sized version on the wall! Seriously. Great for gags it says.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Meowy Catmas!

We've looked at gifts for ourselves in the Sunset House '69 catalog this December, now it's time to find something for the cats, cuz you know as a cat owner you are CRAZY about your little fuzzy friend-- the one who not only shares your home, but also helps destroy it! First of all, let's ensure that we can keep the couch intact for at least one more year, Cat Scat seems to be the thing to leave everyone happy! We can further distract the beast from mangling furniture and stuff by applying Catnip Spray to places where kitty will love it most! As it says in the spray ad: "...keep pussy contented and playful!" Indeed! Meowy Catmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Know How

When your xmas needs a sprucin', you know you can always count on AEET to give you a juicin', (sorry) aka the best, most beautifully themed and thought-out holiday decoration instructions on the web, and this time via a nifty old booklet given out FREE in 1957 courtesy of neighborhood Tom-Boy stores! That's right, it's time to get out that roll of Reynolds Wrap foil again and start molding up some exquisite, high falootin' fun! Ideas for ornaments, tree trimming, doors, centerpieces, wreaths, mobiles, etc... and hey, like it says at the top of page 6 "Begin with Balls!" crushed, pressed, hammered... wait, I suddenly don't like the sound of this...

Ok, Time-Out for Carols instead!