Thursday, January 29, 2015

Top-Hat Tipsy

Saw this funny little guy at an antique mall last week and just had to photograph him! It's Top-Hat Tipsy, the Squeeze-Top Beverage Dispenser! Just insert the plastic tube into any bottle of whatever and start pressing the hat down repeatedly-- out barfs your drink through the metal tube! Wonderfully designed and packaged and from the age of alcoholism --as if that's an "age!" I've seen variations of these in today's world as ketchup and mustard dispensers (see Crackerbarrel gift shops across the 'ol USA)-- and they squirt the goods right out through their mouths and their nostrils! Thirst-quenching, disgusting fun for everyone!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Drugstore Calendar Art '72

Fun illustrations highlight this calendar supplied by The Chattanooga Medicine Company in 1972 (in a similar vein check out the Rexall ads in the AEET Archives HERE.) This calendar in particular was available through Vandivort's Drug located in Salem, MO. The whole thing seems to be primarily one big advert for Cardui, Soltice, Black-Draught, etc. products, but it's all nicely put together in design, and obviously someone else thought so too as thankfully it didn't get tossed in the garbage when 1973 rolled around... (click to ENLARGE the images, of course!)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lady Catherine: Program of Beauty

Who's the guy spending grueling, back-breaking hours at antique malls digging around through endless piles of paper stuff just to unearth a gem like today's Lady Catherine Program of Beauty? Me, that's who! Seriously, I was just about done with this one vendor booth of monotonous, endless, mound after mound of Coke ads and Betty Boop baloney, --when suddenly, like a ray of shining light from make-believe heaven, I saw her! Yes, lovely Lady Catherine staring back at me, --ummm, with her eyes closed, --but I could tell this oversized booklet was going to be a winner. And indeed it is. Page after perfectly pretty page of superb illustration, elegant design, lettering, color combinations, and sweetly simple, understated product packaging. Even if it all smells like some low rent Avon wannabe, I sure do love the look of everything here!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's Amazing!

Sometimes kids have important scientific questions, so it's up to you to have the important answers! On that note, this fun, facts-loaded Scholastic book from 1958 (based on a newspaper column syndicated by the George Matthew Adams Service) is just the ticket! Of course, if you're like me and just like to make up your own answers to these important kid questions, then sit back and enjoy the adorable illustrations by Fritz instead. EXAMPLES: "Where does dust come from?" Duh! Old people farts. "What do butterflies eat?" Duh! Human eyeballs-- just look at the picture! etc...

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Inspector

Occasionally, I like to dip into the toy box of my youth and pull out some goodies to share with you guys (see the last post too!) And I wasn't exactly that young when this cool rubber Inspector figure came out in '82 --quick math says I was 14-- but having been a huge fan of the Pink Panther movies and cartoon series pretty much my entire life (especially the hilarious Inspector episodes) this inch high toy was a must buy!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Goin' Fishing (Mattel Zowee)

One of the few toy hot rods I've hung onto all these years is from the Mattel line of "Zowee" custom cars; Goin' Fishing is cool simply for the fact that it's a great white on wheels! It's interesting to note that this came out in the 70's, and though I'm not 100% sure, I do believe this car was released even before the movie JAWS hit theaters in 1975. Other wild cars in this series featured stuff like a skull, a devil head, a severed arm shifting, a red knight, a sombrero, etc... all on wheels! Check eBay if you're interested in learning more. One source claims my shark car is "rare" and valued at $75!

Friday, January 16, 2015


AEET exits the gee willickers world of the super cute, and now plunges you headfirst and screaming into the scary world of the supernatural! Noted ghost detective Brad Steiger published a ton of these type "true" books back in the day, featuring documented case histories of good and evil from beyond the grave, and astonishing tales of men and women in our world-- but not of it! The two books of his that I own are from his Popular Library paperback series from the late 60's and early 70's packed with "strange" accounts of ghosts, ghouls, clairvoyants, monsters, mentalists, and the possessed. Of interest to us here at AEET is the superbly spooky front and back cover illustrations (uncredited) which of course I scanned and blew up to 400%, so we can enjoy every last drop of eerie atmosphere!