Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Raunchy Roach Tees

I used to love these early 70's Roach tee shirt ads in magazines when I was a kid, but damn, they always crammed so many examples with the mail order box that they were  forced to display the designs very small, just teeny thumbnails that I used to wish I could somehow blow up BIG. Well, 35+ years later I am finally doing it-- and doing it at 600%!!! Hell, that could be a Roach tee design: "BLOW IT UP BIG!" with a pic of a scantily clad lass and a sweaty, leering scanner! They also sold the usual assortment of timely dope, hippy, and truckin' designs, but these "adult" ones were always my fave. Anyone have a Roach tee they still wear?

Monday, August 18, 2014

How's Your Driving?

I was watching a kooky animated driving short on youtube earlier today, and it reminded me that I have this totally cool booklet from 1952 with fun illustrations and assorted safety tips. Pretty sure that's Hunter S. Thompson on page 8...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ortho Garden Digest '53

Just in time for all of your end of summer gardening needs (AEET does it again!) comes artistic highlights from this great little 50's booklet published by the California Spray-Chemical Corporation, Richmond, CA. This 35+ page guide seriously has it all for indoor / outdoor plant care; beauty, fertilizing, charting, weed control, bugs, etc... and what it really has that other booklets of this type don't is all of the super amazing Wyatt & Wallace key art generously sprinkled throughout. Enjoy this post-- and be happy we finally figured out what was up with the scanner!

Friday, August 15, 2014


AEET will return shortly-- thanks for your patience! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Sugar Bears 33 1/3rd

One of my very first records as a kid was this super cool, 5 song, 33 1/3rd, full fidelity, cardboard Sugar Bears record that you cut right off the back of a Post Super Sugar Crisp cereal box. Sugar Bear was certainly the smoothest and funniest of all cereal mascots back in the day (though Sugar Crisp wasn't exactly was favorite cereal), and his mellow Dean Martin meets Bing Crosby sing song voice and laid back attitude was always hysterical against nemeses like Granny Good Witch or The Blob, (take a look at these amazing, vintage, animated commercials HERE and HERE for examples!) None of the old time crooner personality vibe is to be found on this collection of fun and very catchy bubble gum pop songs though-- in fact, these tunes actually sound more like The Archies or Cattanooga Cats! And yay-- someone was nice enough to post some of the songs on youtube so I didn't have to!

Click a highlighted title below to hear the song!

1.) Love-You're a Long Time Comin'
2.) You are the One
3.) Feather Balloon
4.) Happiness Train
5.) Anyone But You 

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Art of Grilling, Baking, and BBQing

We've been on a major food kick here for the last few posts, and there's no better guide to get your stomach a'howlin' than this one from Duncan Hines featuring some all-time favorite recipes-- or, in our case here at AEET-- the fabulous tiny bits of 50's key art sprinkled throughout. And like with our last booklet, this is just a small sampling of illustrations featured within, there are lots more awaiting you in your own copy at an antique mall or ebay seller near you ;) (no art credit)