Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pageant Pretties

More tasty tidbits from the March 1965 issue of Pageant, (see our last post HERE for more), and among the grim articles concerning botulism, suicide, impotence, and ex-cons, there are a handful of gorgeous glimpses into the wondrous worlds of actresses like Gina "Valley of the Gwangi" Golan, and Gina "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" Lollobrigida (yes, double the Gina action!) Plus, a cute article on Margaret "The Wicked Witch" Hamilton, and more! There's no shortage of women here at AEET, but in our next post we'll be looking at some petrifying possibilities if there actually was one, --and how art master Wally Wood would depict it! See ya in a few! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pageant's Parade of Life

Wonderful key art highlights from the March 1965 issue of Pageant Vol. 20, No. 9. If you're unfamiliar with Pageant, it's sort of a trashier men's version of Reader's Digest, smaller sized and square bound, but full of sex related articles and eye-poppin' photo lay-outs of scantily clad actresses (coming in our next post!) The various bits below that look like Paul Coker art were printed very small so I've blown them up 600% --because that's what we like to do around here! How gorgeous is that Jackson W. Paine piece? If anyone recognizes any of the other artists, please let us know...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Star Lard

I'm not sure of the date on this Armour's Star Lard recipe booklet, (1940's maybe, from the design looks of things), but the recipes are fresh and very tasty sounding, and you certainly cannot beat the awesomeness of that little illustrated chef guiding you through the pages. Whether he's ringing a delicious doughnut, sawing away at a mince meat bar, throwing star shaped cookies at your head, or strugglin' with the menu destined pigs and chickens-- this guy means business! I especially love the image of him jammin' out with a giant fork under the peach cobbler recipe! Rock on, Teeny Chef!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Amy's Long Night

Some of these old Whitman Tell-A-Tale books from my childhood are so sugary sweet, you can almost get a tummy ache just reading them! As is the case with Amy's Long Night (1970) by Nancy Garber, and featuring some seriously cute illustrations by Lynn Wheeling. All lil Amy wants for her birthday is to stay up late, is that too much to ask??!! I can remember those days of forced exile to the bed, tucked away hours before the monsterama late show would even come on Channel 30. And the strange feeling of finally getting our wish, only to realize at sudden dawn that we somehow fell asleep without even knowing it, around the same time we usually went to bed anyway! The sights, the sounds-- the snacks! It may not have lasted ALL night, but it was all fun none the less. Your own adorable late night rite of passage begins now here at AEET, enjoy!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Make it Spin

Cool booklet published in 1947 by the American Institute of Baking, featuring recipes as well as info on food groups, nutrition, good habits etc. The best part of course is the super illustration of the Balance Wheel itself, --for health, for vigor! Are you keeping it balanced, and making it spin?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

'Cheap' Skate

We had another rough night here in Missouri with all the emergency storm warnings and tornados, power outages, etc... Hell, I woke up this morning to find one of the trees in my front yard had been uprooted! Thanks Mother Nature >:( Anyway, sounds like it wasn't just in my area either, as we check in with 'ol 'Cheap' Skate to see how he spent his own wild 'n wooly evening.

Originally featured in Spook Comics #1, 1946.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Girl Scout Round-Up '59

Quickly re-cutsifying this blog after the last few posts (especially after that Boy Scout image-- whoa!), we now take a look at some menu and recipe tips for a giddy girl scout occasion round-up, courtesy of the Campbell Soup Company, 1959! There're a lot of tasty treat ideas here, as well as incredibly adorable artwork (uncredited.) Is this about the cutest thing ya ever did see?